Goldens Bridge Veterinary Care Center

15 Anderson Lane
Goldens Bridge, NY 10526


Welcome to Doggie Daycare

It works just like Daycare for human babies. You can drop your dog off in the morning on the way to work, and while you slave away, your pampered pooch is pampered indeed! Depending on both your dog's activity level, and the curriculum set out by the Daycare Staff, he/she may enjoy their day by playing with other dogs, playing with people, inside or outside, or they may be the type to enjoy the hours ensconced on somebody's couch, getting loving attention. 


Dogs Playing

Thousands of pet owners work all day, and this means leaving your dog home while you work. Often these owners come home to a stressed out dog, and rampant destruction, either of the house, or the yard; neighbors who complain of barking and howling, due to separation anxiety. One of the top ten reasons given at an animal shelter for owner turn-ins is "he destroys my things when I'm not home". This could be prevented so easily with either crate-training, exhaustive exercise, or daycare.

Every dog will receive regular reports to let you know how he/she is progressing towards training goals and making friends. This will include any behaviors and activities they were engaged in during his stay.Owners are encouraged to share behavior concerns with our staff. We fully understand that you want to know what happens when you get in your car and drive away. Always know that you can call as often as you feel you need to in order to feel good about your time away from your companion.

Domestic cats are not typically social by nature. However, we do offer free extra playtime for our feline friends (by request) to exercise in a secure indoor room with fun cat toys.Our staff will keep clients informed as to their kitties activity level, appetite, behavior level, and any observations of concern.

Alicia and KittyBecca and Dog


We provide personalized boarding care for cats, dogs, and exotic pets.  Please call our office to book your boarding stay and discuss your pet's care while boarding.

Before you board...

  • Make a reservation well in advance. If you wait too long, the facility may become fully booked.
  • When you bring your dog in for boarding, remember her food, special instructions, and any other permitted items.
  • Do not bring items that you absolutely need to get back, as they could become lost or damaged. Bear in mind that many facilities limit personal items for this reason.
  • Make sure the boarding facility has contact numbers for you on your trip, plus local emergency contacts in case you cannot be reached.
  • Relax! You've done your research and your dog is in good hands. Enjoy your vacation
  • Pets may be dropped off and picked up during regular business hours Monday through Saturday.  

Pets boarding with us for the first time or who our patients at other veterinary hospitals MUST be seen by one of our veterinarians prior to admission. Pre-Boarding exams are free. All boarding patients are required to be current on all vaccines and are required to have a fecal parasite exam within the last year.

What are your kennels like?

Animals are kenneled within the hospitals treatment suites, as well as the grooming and boarding houses.  All boarders receive personal attention from our caring staff.

All pets receive fresh bedding daily and enjoy outdoor playtime at least four times a day.  We pay careful attention to pet's appetite, water intake, urination, defecation, and behavior. Vomiting, diarrhea or other abnormal activity or behavior will be acted upon immediately in consultation with one of our veterinarians. Please call to make an appointment with our Hospital Director Lisa to tour the hospital!