Goldens Bridge Veterinary Care Center

15 Anderson Lane
Goldens Bridge, NY 10526


Why Choose Us?


Veterinary Education and Experience:

Veterinarians complete four years of undergraduate training followed by four years of Veterinary Medical College. It is a highly competitive program. It is even more competitive to be accepted into an internship program, only about 10% of graduating veterinarians are accepted.

Dr. Immerblum has completed a rotating internship at the prestigious Animal Medical Center. Additionally he has been working in veterinary hospitals for over 40 years, with more than 25 of those years as a graduate veterinarian. In addition to the Animal Medical Center he has practiced at a number of large veterinary hospitals such as New Haven Hospital for Veterinary Medicine, County Animal Clinic, and Manhattan Veterinary group. This broad experience, coupled with is compassion and love of animals, has enabled him to be a diagnostician that is able to provide your pet outstanding care.


Dedicated Appointment Times:

Many veterinary hospitals book 4 to 6 appointments per hour. This only allows 10-15 minutes to review records, get a detailed history, examine the patient, formulate a diagnostic and therapeutic plan, and communicate all this with the patient's owner. At Veterinary Care Center at Goldens Bridge our routine appointments are booked for 30 minutes, allowing our doctors much more time with each patient. This permits us to deliver an exceptional level of service, enabling us to discuss all your concerns and explain all of your pet's health care options. This makes it possible for us to provide unsurpassed value in Veterinary healthcare for your pet.


Pain & Anxiety Management Protocol:

Pain and anxiety are serious medical conditions that require treatment.  Our goal is to relieve suffering using the most modern therapeutic approaches. Patients will be given pain and anxiety relief commensurate with their needs.

Our goal is to provide comprehensive compassionate care to all our patients. Our pledge is to continue to educate ourselves as to the most modern and safest pain relief, and to train our entire staff to recognize the signs of pain and anxiety.


 Continuing Education & Mentorship:

Goldens Bridge Veterinary Care is committed to the education and training of our staff and to the mentorship of young people interested in pursuing a career in science.

All of our full time staff members take part in external continuing education programs. The entire staff takes part in periodic training and safety meetings.

All staff members who perform technical duties are either a licensed professional or an experienced senior member who is enrolled in a veterinary technology program.

Senior staff members and the management team closely supervise all junior staff members and volunteers..


We are an AAHA accredited hospital. This is the standard of excellence we strive to adhere to. AAHA established in 1933 is the only companion animal exclusive veterinary association. AAHA has an accreditation process that they continuously update to make it cutting edge.