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What to do if you've lost your pet:


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So, the worst has happened. Your pet has disappeared. What do you do?

1. Positive identification is critical.

   Is your pet identified, with an obvious collar, tag, tattoo, or other distinguishing characteristic. If so, finders can locate you easier. Rabies/Animal Control tags and veterinary clinic tags carry a number that is used to identify each pet. Keep in mind that when a pet is lost, its collar may also be missing. Permanent identification methods are always best. This is as simple as a high-tech microchip implant which is available through the clinic. 


2. Make sure you can describe your pet accurately.

   It is always advisable for you to keep handy the appropriate information to facilitate identification. Do you have a recent photograph of your pet that clearly shows distinguishing features (face, profile, markings)? Be prepared to provide such information as breed, color, age, weight (estimate), size and medical status (spayed, neutered, docked tail, etc.). Take time to assemble this material before your pet goes missing.

3. Check your neighborhood first.

   Take time to talk to neighbors and children. Children are especially quick to notice animals wandering near their homes or around the schoolyards.

4. Contact all shelters, veterinary clinics, town halls, and shelters in your area.

   Ask them to be on the lookout for your pet and inform them that you will be stopping by with a photo and written description for them to post on their bulletin boards. Then do it. Check shelters personally every three days. 

5. If your pet is a purebred, notify the appropriate breed clubs and rescue organizations.

6. Place an ad in all the appropriate newspapers ASAP and be sure to check the papers every day should a finder place an ad looking for a lost dog's owner.

7. Contact Pet MicroChip Lookup